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A Life Lived in Music

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For over 50 years, singer and songwriter Susan Osborn has held the high ground of vocal artistry. Born in Minnesota, Susan’s childhood was filled with music, school and church choirs, and orchestras, she studied voice and violin as well as upright bass and organ. Susan began her musical career in the early 70's singing in several bands in South Dakota, Blueberry Buckle, Garden, Rosewater and the Red Willow Band. 

Her startlingly remarkable voice -- powerful and rich with emotional expression -- came to international prominence when she was the lead vocalist with the Paul Winter Consort between 1978 and 1985, shining on such recordings as  "Common Ground", "Missa Gaia." and "Concert For the Earth". Osborn's voice has such power and soulful presence that she's performed at the United Nations, the Berlin Wall, the Nagano Winter Olympics, the Global Forum in Kyoto and the Hague, and numerous memorial and peace ceremonies at Hiroshima and Post-9/11 New York. 


Island Life

For the past 35 years, Osborn and her husband, artist/writer David Densmore, have lived in the San Juan Islands, WA. Here, the serenity and silence of nature colored the creation of numerous original songs, while the synergy of the island's vital artistic community inspired Osborn to refine her voice to even greater heights.                                                   

Photo Credit: Frank James

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